An interesting piece by explains the importance of the Internet in modern political campaigning.

I didn’t really perk up, as everything was rather obvious, but this quote caught my eye.

There was an argument over whether Lieberman had reserved only 10 gigabytes per month, or, as his campaign insisted, 200. “Bandwidth” was the word of the day. Lamont aides, offering to send Lieberman a techie, suggested that the senator could rely temporarily on Google’s cache of his site. Lieberman’s tech consultant pleaded his case, explaining that the campaign had upgraded its traffic capacity to handle video circulation.

Yesterday, Times reporters tried to contact the company that hosts Lieberman’s site. “Executives at Server Matrix did not return phone calls seeking comment,” the paper reports. Next time, try e-mail.

Since Servermatrix is the host of this web site and my other sites (some of which use up hundreds of gigabytes a month, to the tune of half a terabyte), and the minimum bandwidth allocated by the dedicated hosting is 1000 gigabytes, it looks like poor Lieberman went to a reseller (who only allocated him 10 or 200, neither which is sufficient for the amount of video traffic that Lieberman and a web saavy Democratic base would use), or the facts given by the spokesman is wrong. Most likely, I’m guessing Lieberman went with a cheapie reseller and got burnt. Lesson? Pay for dedicated hosting if your election is on the line!

Bonus explanation: Here is Servermatrix’s cheapest plan, at $120 a month. Notice the 1.5 terabyte of bandwidth allocated? That’s 1500 gigabytes a month! Further proof that he probably went with a reseller who happened to use Servermatrix dedicated servers to resell a dozen or more sites.

Bonuser explanation part deux: The table design that his webmasters threw up is ugly. Guys… have an emergency mirror next time. Isn’t the max donation a thousand dollars per individual? Then PLEASE pay for dedicated server for a year and get another one somewhere else. It’ll only take Joe’s cousin and his wife to each cough up a thousand bucks to pay for all the hosting you’ll need.

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